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This handmade Bird Nest Box is crafted out of cedar, and is burned to give it an attractive and unique aesthetic. It's the perfect nesting box for doves, robins, coturnix quail, wrens and all other wild birds, making it a great addition to your bird-friendly backyard. With its quality construction and beautiful design, this nest box is sure to bring years of joy to your feathered friends. For highest nesting success, mount in a protected yet accessible area such as under an eve of a building. 


Interior dimensions: Roughly 3 3/4 in. at bottom, 9 1/2 in. at widest top, 5 1/2 in. tall, 5 in. deep, security rail 1 1/2 in. high. Exterior dimensions 13 in. wide, 6 1/2 in. tall, 5 1/2 in. deep.

Bird Nest Box