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Even with proven fertility and careful monitoring, no hatch is ever guaranteed. Too many factors exist that can affect an eggs viability. Fluctuating temperature, humidity changes, rough handling and arrested embryo development are just a few of the issues that can affect your developing chicks. For these reasons, we do not guarantee hatch rates and/or deveopment. By ordering hatching eggs from us, you accept this responsibility. We do not give refunds on eggs because of hatch rates under any circumstances. 


Hatching eggs are sent out via USPS priority mail throughout the week. You will recieve an email from me once your hatching eggs have shipped along with your tracking number. We generally have great success with USPS.

Please note  that  we do not mark the parcels as "fragile", "no xray" or any of the above as this seems to encourage rough behavior with the packages. If you would like us to mark your parcel, we will gladly do so upon request.


We cannot accept a return hatching eggs. Not only is that a bio-hazard but that's just plain gross! Please understand that hatching eggs are a gamble. Shipping can be rather hard on them which will certainly affect your hatch rate. And due to the many variables that can influence success or failure during incubation, we are unable to make any guarantees on hatch rate/development or process any returns/refunds on hatching eggs


Want to sell your hatching eggs or other bird related items on Spring Hollow Acres site? This is definitely do-able! Please email me. Thanks!

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