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The shipping fee is fixed at $22 across the U.S., irrespective of location.  Hatching eggs are dispatched in the order of purchase, following a first-come, first-serve approach, ensuring fairness in the shipping process. However, if you wish to purchase multiple breeds, additional shipping charges will apply to each different breed. Additionally, each breed will be shipped at different times to accommodate their specific laying schedules.

Hatching eggs are dispatched via USPS Priority Mail throughout the week. Once your hatching eggs have been shipped, you will receive an email from us containing your tracking number.

Although we typically encounter positive outcomes with USPS, we avoid labeling packages as "fragile" or requesting special handling. Our past experiences have shown that such markings can result in rough treatment of the parcel. If you have specific preferences for markings like "fragile" or "hatching eggs," or if you would like us to coordinate the holding of your package at the Post Office, please kindly email us with your requests.


Given the numerous variables influencing success or failure during incubation, we are unable to offer any guarantees regarding hatch rate or development.


Despite proven fertility and diligent monitoring, we cannot guarantee a successful hatch or that all of the eggs will show signs of development. Numerous factors, including fluctuating temperature, humidity variations, rough handling during shipping, and arrested embryo development, can impact the viability of eggs. Due to these inherent uncertainties, we do not provide guarantees on hatch rates or development. By ordering hatching eggs from us, you acknowledge and accept this responsibility. Refunds for eggs based on hatch rates are not offered under any circumstances.

In the event of broken eggs upon delivery, please contact us on the day of receipt. We will request photos of the damaged eggs and will either send you our a new parcel of hatching eggs or issue a refund.


Sub Zero Freeze Dried Goods ship worldwide. Our approximate processing time, the time to receive, prepare and ship your treats, is 1-3 days. We ship via USPS priority and package accordingly. Once the order has been processed, you will receive a shipping confirmation notification, including the tracking number.


All transactions are considered final. In adherence to sanitary and hygienic standards, we uphold a No Return and No Refund Policy. However, if any issues arise with your order, please inform us so that we can assist you accordingly.


Your beetle colony is dispatched using Priority Mail to ensure swift delivery, typically taking 3-5 days following the purchase. The beetles and larvae are shipped within the sawdust-like medium they generate, known as "frass," created when they break down specimen and bedding material. This frass serves as insulation, ensuring the colony survives the journey in familiar surroundings, ready to promptly engage in cleaning and reproducing. Additionally, the frass contains beetle eggs, set to hatch within days.

All shipments are clearly marked as "Perishable" and labeled "No Heat/Freeze." I've implemented several key packing and shipping techniques learned through experience to enhance the success of transporting dermestids. In colder seasons or weather, I include heat packs to guarantee their safe arrival. A shipping confirmation number is emailed to buyers, enabling them to track the shipment through USPS.COM.


We strive to ensure that your order of Dermestid beetles reaches you alive and in good health. In the event of any issues with your order and provided you have adhered to our conditions, we will collaborate with you to find a prompt resolution.


  1. Take possession of your beetles within 2 hours of delivery at your home or business.

  2. Avoid leaving the beetles in the heat, sun, or cold, as extended exposure may lead to their demise.

  3. We always mark your shipment as "HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR PICKUP" USPS holds are free, and they will notify you upon package arrival, significantly improving the likelihood of your beetles surviving extreme weather conditions.

  4. It is your responsibility to track the order in the USPS system using the provided tracking number.

  5. If beetles are delivered to a PO Box or held at the Post Office and not retrieved within 24 hours of arrival, the Live Arrival Guarantee is voided.

  6. If beetles are not accepted on the first delivery attempt, the Live Arrival Guarantee is voided.

  7. If you have any issues with your beetle order, contact us immediately and DO NOT break the seal on the container. Breaking the seal will void the Live Arrival Guarantee.

To account for any potential loss during shipment, we include an extra 10% of beetles in each order. If more than 10% of the beetles arrive deceased and you have followed the conditions of our guarantee, we will collaborate with you to address the issue. In case you suspect a problem with your order, do not break the security seal; instead, contact us immediately, as broken seals void the Live Arrival Guarantee.

For any claims, contact us within 2 hours of delivery and provide a video to confirm the condition of the beetles. If all Live Arrival Guarantee conditions are met, we will either issue a refund for the affected portion (excluding shipping) or send you a fresh order equivalent to the quantity that did not survive. Please note that shipping costs are final and non-refundable.

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