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The Baikal teal, also called the bimaculate duck or squawk duck, is a dabbling duck that breeds in Siberia, Russia and winters in East Asia. 


The males have a harlequin-like patterns on their head of green, yellow, white and dark brown. Another prominent feature of the males are their long scapular feathers. The females are similar to green-winged teal females, though Baikal teal females have a distinct white dot at the base of their bill. Ducklings and juvenile birds also exhibit this dot at the base of the bill. This species does have an eclipse plumage, but their beauty during the breeding months certainly makes them a desirable species. Consequently, this is a relatively established species in captivity.


Baikal teal are okay in a mixed species collection, but they do prefer to have lots of vegetation and spots to get away for them to feel safe enough to breed. They use porch-style nest boxes in dense cover. Their greenish eggs hatch after an incubation period of 25 days. The ducklings fare well when artificially reared in a wet brooder.

Baikal Teal Duck Hatching Eggs

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