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Blue Chukars get their coloration from a rare genetic mutation. If you want to raise unusual game birds, then the Blue Chukar Partridge could be right for your flock! Blue Chukar are pale blue, with a tan stripe around the eyes and down the neck, and similarly-colored bands on the flanks. Their plumage is both beautiful and unusual.

Silver Chukar Hatching Eggs

SKU: 0018
  • We take measures to securely pack the eggs, aiming for their safe arrival at your location. In the unfortunate event that your hatching eggs arrive broken, please contact us on the day of delivery and provide photos or videos of the damage. We will either issue a refund or ship you a new parcel of hatching eggs.

    Even with proven fertility and careful monitoring, no hatch is ever guaranteed. Too many factors exist that can affect an eggs viability. For this reason, we do not guarantee hatch rates. By ordering hatching eggs from us, you accept this responsibility. We do not give refunds on eggs because of hatch rates under any circumstances.  Please see our FAQ page for further information on our policy, terms and conditions. Happy Hatching!