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Spring Hollow Acres would love to add new suppliers because we want to offer a great variety to our customers! And all though we have a wonderful aviary, we just can't house every single breed we would like to. Selling on Spring Hollow Acres allows you to reach many new customers and gives you an additional platform to sell on. 

Currently, we offer a variety of poultry, peafowl, grouse, turkey, geese, ducks, partridge, quail and pheasants. We also are aiming to offer supplies, treatments, incubators, books, gifts etc. We are always looking for new breeders, artists, and manufacturers of poultry related products.

Do you have extra hatching eggs, chicks, art, or other unique products? Are you willing to ship direct to Spring Hollow Acre's customers nationwide? If so, we would love for you to consider offering your product on our website!

What is the benefit for you? You are able to do what you do best by enjoying raising the birds or developing your product. We are seeking relationships with long-term vendors to offer regular supply. We are not interested in one-time sales. Customers will see your products on Spring Hollow Acres ecommerce storefront. We offer excellent customer service and brands that shoppers trust. 


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