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The Lady Amherst’s pheasant,found in Southwestern China and Northern Burma, is an ornamental bird commonly found in the collections of many aviculture enthusiasts across the United States. It is considered a ruffed pheasant, since the males sport an elaborate ruff which is utilized during the courtship displays. The males take two years to acquire their breeding plumage, which features multiple contrasting colors. The crown of the males is dark green, followed by a red crest. The ruff consists of white feathers outlined with black, creating a stunning scaled effect. The facial skin is supposed to be light blue. The underside of the males is supposed to be a pure white color (hints of buff or red coloring suggest a hybrid). The upper back has green scales similar to those of the chest region. The wing plates are covered in blue feathers. The actual back is yellow, which turns to an orange-red by the base of the tail. The tail is white with black bars (hybrids will usually do not have solid, un-broken bars). The females are a rufous brown color overall. They too have blue facial skin and blue-grey legs like those of a male. During courtship, the male chases the female and his display includes extending the ruff and hissing-like vocalizations. Lady Amherst’s pheasants are a pleasure to watch and raise.

Lady Amherst Pheasant Hatching Eggs

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