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Silver Wood Ducks are one of the most loved and sought after of the Wood Duck color mutations. Their silver plumage comes in a variety of shades and is adorned with white markings. Silver Wood Ducks have a crested head, light silver in females and light to dark silver in males.


 They are not hybrids; their silver color is the result of a naturally occurring mutation.  In the wild, their light color makes them easy an easy target for predators



Silver Wood Duck Hatching Eggs

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  • Even with proven fertility and careful monitoring, no hatch is ever guaranteed. Too many factors exist that can affect an eggs viability. For this reason, we do not guarantee hatch rates. By ordering hatching eggs from us, you accept this responsibility. We do not give refunds on eggs because of hatch rates under any circumstances.  Please see our FAQ page for further information on our policy, terms and conditions. Happy Hatching!

  • If there are any issues with the egg productivity of our birds and we are not able to provide you with the hatching eggs you purchased, you will receive a full refund.

    We estimate that these should begin laying during the month of June/July of 2023. Please realize this is our "best guess" as many factors such as inclimate weather, stress, etc can affect the laying pattern of our birds..Please note that during pre-sales, it usually takes multiple months to fill orders.

    Please refer to our FAQ page for further information on Pre-Sales, our policy, terms and conditions.