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At Skull Creations, we specialize in European Skull Mounts using Dermestid beetles for cleaning. These beetles remove every trace of flesh from the specimen while leaving even the most delicate bones intact. There is no better choice for skull cleaning particularly when the skull is going to be used for trophy scoring. Our method does not degrade bone structure or shrink the size of the skull. Our priority is to maintain the natural integrity of the bone which results in a beautiful skull mount that will last a lifetime. After initially cleaning the specimen, we then finish with an extensive degreasing, whitening and sealing process. Skull Creations only uses high quality materials and chemicals in the whitening process. With our tried and true method and latest techniques, we produce a permanent, deep whitening finish throughout the skull.

Buck Deer European Mount

  • If you are outside the state of Utah, please contact me for shipping prices. Bulk discounts availalbe. 

  • Once you purchase, I will be in touch via phone to let you know when/where you can drop off your skull for the European Mount.