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Looking for the perfect way to clean your skulls for taxidermy? Look no further than our 10,000+ Dermestid Beetle Colony! These flesh eating beetles are incredibly fast and efficient, making them the perfect tool for cleaning and preparing your specimens.  Whether you're a professional taxidermist or just starting out, our Dermestid Beetle Colony is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Order yours today and start creating stunning, lifelike displays

10,000+ Dermestid Beetle Colony

  • Your colony is shipped using Priority Mail, to insure rapid delivery. We have them held at the Post Office for pickup to ensure they are not left out in the cold/hot temps. We do this to ensure live arrival. Normal delivery time is 2-3 days following purchase. The beetles/larvae are shipped in the sawdust-like medium they create (called “frass”) when they reduce specimen and bedding material. The frass has insulating properties, and helps insure the colony survives the trip in familiar surroundings, ready to immediately begin cleaning and reproducing. The frass also contains beetle eggs, which will hatch within days.